Using Carbon Fiber For The Deconstruction Industry

We’ve discussed multiple times the use of carbon fibers in the auto industry and other similar areas, where there needs to be excellent quality in the tires but also other areas of the vehicle like the bumpers.

What we haven’t talked about, is the use of carbon fibers in the vehicles used on construction and deconstruction sites. Good examples include your trucks, excavators, bulldozers etc. The thing is, in many cases you will have these heavy machinery vehicles use metal braces at the bottom, similar to what tanks use. But in most cases, the average vehicle has tires strapped on to it, which makes it more vulnerable to a very harsh ground, such as the one that exists on a deconstruction site. I mean, when trying to strip a building off its most important parts so it can be considered ready for demolition, there can be many nails lying around that will poke through your tires.

I believe the deconstruction company ​Atlanta Demolition Services has said it the best. “If you cheap out on your heavy equipment vehicles, most likely will need to pay twice as much every week  to get it towed and repaired.” The point being of course, that many times we are short thinkers and don’t think long term. A fiber tire that may cost you small fortune now, will more than pay for it self over time. But if you decide that you want to start small and just work with your regular rubber tires, then you may end up paying more. There are a lot of financing options when selecting the tires of the construction vehicles. So you don’t need to necessarily cough up a big chunk of change if you don’t want to. Make small monthly payments…but make sure those payments are to be worth it for a long long time. Not only do you spend a lot of money for the towing companies to come pick up the flat excavator, but also you lose a lot of time that could be used in your demolition (and thus decreasing your profits.)

Basically, on top of being financially smart, you need to think ahead of accidents because whether you like it or not, they do occur from time to time. So if you get a flat while tearing down the concrete building, you can put the well being of your workers at risk. I mean even in that case, you can be financially done with law suits and all sorts of things like that. But most importantly, you can easily put the lives of your workers at risk. I know most companies do not use carbon fiber tires and unfortunately Caterpillar does not sell their big machines with such tires. That is however no excuse for you to make sure you replace the tires that came with the vehicle, with new ones specially designed. Many days a month we read in the news or see on TV about catastrophic demolition operations, that can easily be taken care of with more safety applied.

Why on earth would any demolition company want to be in the headlines, for doing something irresponsibly or not getting the best safety for their company and employees as possible. Why risk making the news the next day, when you very well know what you should do to avoid tragedies on the deconstruction sites?

My purpose here is not to run your businesses, regardless of the industry you are in. My purpose is to create awareness of this amazing technology that is available, and the great benefit of using it. So I will not of course tell you how to run your business or what decisions to make. In fact, a lot of the things I say you may believe to be bias because of my involvement in fibers. But I have a duty to at least warn as many people as possible. I don’t think it is fair towards anyone: not the employees and certainly not the clients, to not be at the top of your game every single day.

That is it for now. Please reach out to me with your comments or simply comment below. And as always, stick around for more.