How Important Is Fiber Technology?

Throughout this site we have had discussion for almost all type of fibers and different uses of them: fiberglass, carbon fibers (like the ones used in automotive) and pretty much anything in between. In fact, if you go back to some of these articles, you can find some very educational articles about how these are made, the use of them etc.

What I want to talk about in this article, is the importance of fibers in any technology and in any industry. Think of a ropes or any thread for that matter, and how everything interlinks between. The power is just amazing, so that you can’t really snap that material by just pulling it. I am pretty sure if the thread is thin, you can snap it, but you pretty much get my point. Fibers are like knots and have just incredible capabilities. It’s like a chain with multiple connections, only in this case, even if one part of the “chain” fails, the chandelier will not go down with it.

So fibers are really used for things that can take the “heat.” You know what I mean? For example, we discussed about the automotive industry. We can all pretty much agree there, that the force the wheels are getting and even parts of the car are amazing and you need solid material to withstand the harsh conditions it goes through. It’s really as simple as that (common logic.) So using carbon fibers in that case, just prepares the car to be much more flexible and a lot better in its performance.

If you want to talk about roofing, then you can understand that with better fiber construction, the roof can withstand small things like rocks and harsh winds. So these knots are really all that matters. If these don’t link between them, then you have a week chain. The fibers need to not only connect with each part within it, but also go diagonal and in different ways so it is steady and rock solid. Again, try breaking a thick rope by putting tension on that (try attaching it to two cars: it will hold both in place.)

To be honest, half of the quality improvement work is done because of fibers. You can use carbon or fiberglass, but at the end of the day, it’s these little knots and links between the threads that make all the difference in the world. Sure, you can have the super material that you want to use, but its only strength is based on the type of the material. With fibers, you are pretty much building thick layers that are tough to break. When they go¬†mountain climbing, have you seen the type of ropes they use? They are incredible! Someone can fall from the top of the mountain top, and assuming that the system has been connected correctly (and he doesn’t just fall off the cliff) the rope will not snap at his fall. It’s just amazing interlinking power, that is all I have to say.

So yes, you can use carbon, fiberglass or any material you want in automotive and construction. But if you don’t have the fibers linking each one to another, you really have nothing. Let us not reinvent the wheel and let us push science and manufacturing forward.

See you soon!