Fiberglass Roofs (Roof Replacement Tutorial- Part 2 )

If you are looking for part 1 of this topic, feel free to go here. Today we will continue the discussion about fiberglass roofs and kind of a “do it yourself” tutorial.

Place on another section of trim, bring up the edges again so that they sit together nicely and keep marking and cutting in the same fashion explained in part 1 of this subject. It’s always nice to mark and cut one trim where it meets another. This is purely for aesthetic reasons only. It may not be important two stories up but if your roof is at low level and possibly visible from an open window, you may want to do this just to make it look nice. When all the courts on the miter joints look right, secure the trims into place (again without bashing the nails all in.) Now it’s a matter of working your way around repeating the process until the whole bay roof is pinned into position. Once everything is in place, you can nail the trims down fully and put in the rest of the nails.

Now it’s time to form your rope stand on to the rear fascia. On a very small roof, there is no real need to worry too much about expansion gaps. I would simply allow something like 10 mm behind the trim and up against the up stand. Once the wall up stand is complete, nail all PU adhesive into position. Ready for taping the joints but do not fix it into the rotten facial behind as this will not allow it to be placed at a later stage without damaging the fiberglass roof. Good quality duck tape is quite acceptable on small roofs. On larger projects 100 mm fiber glass bandage would be used instead to strengthen the joints.

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Fiberglass Roofs (Roof Replacement Tutorial- Part 1 )

Hey everyone! So in this article, I will try to provide you with as much value as possible when it comes to the topic of fiberglass roofs. As you’ve seen thus far, we have talked more about carbon fibers. However fiberglass is really the second thing I specialize in, so I just wanted to offer you some insights and ideas on how to leverage this amazing piece of advanced material that is available to you.

So here I’m going to show you how to replace an old bay window roof with a new custom made fiberglass roof. Before I get into this, let me just make one thing clear: I am not a roofer but only a fiberglass expert. Everything shared with you today, is really wisdom and advice that my roofer has shared with me. If you are looking for answers to your questions, feel free to reach out to me but also make sure you get to the roofer too. Here’s his site:

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