Carbon Fiber Construction In Automotive

Well, let’s keep on pushing shall we? Lots and lots of things we can discuss in regards to carbon fibers since they are so widely used in many different industries and our daily lives. When it comes to automotive, it’s really one of the fundamentals to make a car strong, very light, safe and have fantastic performance. It creates massive rigidity but does not add any extra weight (which is crucial if you want to make it fast, efficient and a fun sports car to drive.) As far as we’re aware, our cars are the most carbon fiber intense cars in production right now as we have over 400 different carbon fiber pieces.

As it is very complex technology there are many types of carbon fiber strand and different philosophies on how to apply them. It’s really like a black art and there are many lessons learned (which ideas work more than others etc.) We have been developing carbon fiber parts since 1996 so I would say that we have quite good experience and can create extreme light weight and strong parts based on the knowledge we have and the analysis tools we have. It’s really a laboring intensive process, and the people involved in the manufacturing really need to know what they are doing to get the desired results in this piece of automotive technology. There are more complex parts than simple tubes that are used. What’s nice about carbon fiber is that you can vary the strength and thickness in different areas with no limits. It’s how much thought and labor you want to put into it. But certain parts of a car can be so optimized, you would be amazed. No other material gives that kind of freedom and at the same time, no other materials can soak up so much time in the production process. That is however what makes the car so good (extremely good) and with the desired results. Koenigsegg and carbon fiber are very closely integrated and it has to be that way in this very competitive market we are in.

A lot of what we are discussing in this article, was mentioned in our latest in regards to the automotive industry. The key point that we should all always remember, is that carbon fibers are really an advancement in technology that should be taken advantage of by any car company or related industry that wants to remain competitive. As it has been mentioned over and over again, carbon fibers not only are very good with harsh treatment (because of their thickness and toughness) but also very light in weight. I think the most important part in carbon fibers, is the fact that you can pretty much set the thickness of it, the weight of it etc. So you don’t need one type of fiber to cover the whole vehicle – which is nice. It gives you options, and allows you to customize things in a way that you like. So let’s say you want to increase the toughness of the bumper: you can always make sure you apply many more layers of this fiber so it actually becomes more relentless to stress and harsh conditions.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, so that’s all for now. Thank you so much for reading through and make sure you come back for more, later!