About Daniel

I know many of you are listening to the word fiber and start questioning whether you should stick around this site for any longer. I can assure you, it isn’t as scary as it sounds and nor am I!

I won’t try and defend fibers in this page, but rather give you a brief background description about me. So I have been working in the fiber industry for way to long. My studies were all around the studies of fiber Physics and I guess you can call me some kind of fiber Geek (although that would be the first time I heard of that term.) In any case, I am a very warm person that takes great interest in this industry and for that reason, the site was launched.

Other interests I have are fibers more fibers and more of those. Fibers is really what I love getting involved with and it’s my passion. So just so you know, if there is anything you ever need in regards to this topic, I am your master geek you can answer all your questions. The whole point of this blog site is to basically get all the tools you need, to be successful.